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Our Philosophy

From the beginning, OP was founded to meet the real needs of investors, to offer solutions unavailable in the mutual fund industry. Socially Responsible Investing can be a very effective guideline for the investor who wants their investments to align with their beliefs. Our view is that clients deserve to have personal input into what kinds of holdings they object to. Since we’re not a mutual fund but managers of your private account, we can make sure that particular industries or companies (aside from our normal screening) will never be purchased in your account.
In addition, we can also demonstrate how the impact of social screening will affect the risk and return of your portfolio. It has been our long held belief based on years of testing that social screening has a relatively modest effect on investment returns and that the underlying investment selection system / algorithm is by far the most important factor in determining investment returns and risk.

We offer a set of investment solutions that complete a holistic view of the cyclical nature of economies and markets. It’s not a secret that economic recessions represent the greatest risk to the value of a stock portfolio, so we always wonder why well-meaning investment professions state that you need to “ride out the storm” with the same asset allocation of stocks and bonds when the economy was growing?

We share in our client’s altruistic views of life and money and believe that our client’s investment portfolios must be optimized for whichever season of investing lies before us. In years past, how much investor emotions and monies could have been saved had their advisor or planner avoided stocks altogether when long term Treasury bond yields fall below short term Treasury notes? (Inverted Yield Curve)