The Vegan Growth Portfolio

Vegan Investing Does Not Have to Mean Poor Returns

Based on our years of experience with investors seeking socially responsible investing alternatives, there’s a good chance you’ve come to our website with a little bit of frustration. Many financial planners and other investment advisers will tell you that, to invest effectively, you’ll have to choose between giving up your beliefs or giving up good returns in your investing. If that’s the case, then we should be a refreshing alternative for you. Neither of those concepts are accurate. Not only do we cater exclusively to Socially Responsible Investing, we also include Vegan Investing screens. In addition, you can see that the performance of our portfolios does not represent giving up good returns at all.

Our social screening history dates back to 1990 as a broker with A.G. Edwards and Sons in Nashua, NH. Brad Pappas was active in giving lifetime homes to dogs in need of rescue. During this time, he was the first investment professional in the U.S. to create the concept of “Cruelty Free Investing”. He did this by avoiding investments associated with animal cruelty. Since then, he has made a lifelong commitment to Cruelty Free Investing and expanding the concept to Vegan Investing screens.

Rocky Mountain Humane Investing, Corp. was founded by Brad Pappas in 1995. RMHI is the first and only investment adviser in the US that focuses exclusively on the needs of the humane/environmentally and Vegan oriented investor. This ethical approach to investing is also commonly referred to as Socially Responsible, environmentally friendly, sustainable, cruelty-free or green investing, as well as Vegan Investing.

Currently, we screen and eliminate the following industries:

  • Animal Testing (including Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals)
  • Animals as Entertainment
  • Companies with significant environmental issues
  • Factory Farming
  • Weapons
  • Extractive Industries (oil and gas, mining, timber)
  • Tobacco

If you would like to see live examples of our Vegan Growth Portfolios and their performance history, please visit our home page and click the links to We also include a monthly update of the VGP performance, accessible via our website: Request Access to VGP Model Data.

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