What is Humane Investing?

The Principles of Humane Investing: Compassionate Approach to Finance

Investing doesn’t have to be at odds with your ethical beliefs. Humane investing is a refreshing approach that marries your financial goals with your principles, ensuring that you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. At the core of humane investing, you’ll find a commitment to excluding companies or industries that do not align with Cruelty-Free, Vegan or Socially Responsible standards.

Many traditional financial advisors may argue that a stringent investment philosophy limits your returns. However, RMHI has proven otherwise. By handpicking investments that adhere strictly to balance sheet quality standards and ethical practices, investors can achieve competitive, if not superior, returns. This method harkens back to a more traditional, discerning approach to investment selection, contrary to today’s broad-spectrum strategies.

Investing for High Quality with an Vegan / Humane Screen: A Strategy That Pays Off

Our dedication to ethical investing includes stringent vegan investing screens and a broader commitment to social and cruelty-free investing. This ensures that your investments go into companies that you can feel comfortable with.  The outcome? A portfolio that stands robust not just in its performance but in its alignment with your deepest convictions.

The myth that ethical investments yield poor returns is just that—a myth.  The investment selection method we employ with a long term focus has a greater impact than ethical screening.  The performance of our portfolios consistently demonstrates that humane oriented and cruelty-free investing not only contributes positively to the world but also to your financial health. Whether you’re new to investing or looking to pivot your current strategies to be more ethical, humane investing offers a viable and morally aligned alternative.

For those seeking alternatives to the traditional advice offered by many financial planners, RMHI stands as a beacon of hope. It proves that your investments can benefit the world without compromising on monetary gains.

Embrace a future where your investments reflect your values. Welcome to humane investing—a choice for today, an impact for a lifetime.

Rocky Mountain Humane Investing.

For over 25 years, Rocky Mountain Humane Investing has been providing clients with cruelty-free, socially responsible investment management.