A quick update on our current status:

The major market indices are at or near major market highs which will likely be a difficult hurdle to surpass in the near term.

In addition, investor sentiment is extremely positive which has negative implications going forward in stock prices.

To our way of thinking the combination of negative investor sentiment with markets at historical highs implies either a sawtooth churning market with little or no gain or a moderate decline in prices in the near term.  We don’t believe at this time that a major market top is playing itself out, we believe based on Ned Davis’s market cycle analysis that a major top is due in the Spring of 2014.

All recession indicators remain in positive territory.

So, we are essentially playing defense for our clients by selling off stocks falling in our ranking systems and raising cash rather than reinvesting  on the long side.   We have added a significant amount of inverse exchange traded funds that should aid in buffering downside volatility in client portfolios.

Should a decline emerge to the degree that overwhelming positive sentiment is reversed we will reverse our course and liquidate the inverse ETF’s and add new long stock positions for a potential new leg up in the indices that could last to March/April 2014.

Brad Pappas